Monday, August 17, 2009

Covers Everywhere!

Okay, so as a freelancer, I don't get to choose what a magazine will run on the cover. I take it as a matter of pride and accomplishment when I manage to get a car onto a big magazine cover. This month, August 2009, I've got TWO covers out simultaneously! The first is from Performance BMW, the magazine which gave me my first shot at writing a story. Thanks Louise! Go there, check out Issue 119. That's an order!

The second mag is Banzai. I've written for them nearly as long, and Joe Clifford there gave me my first cover many years ago. It was a half cover, but I won't hold that against him! Issue 94 at . Of course, I didn't build either car, but I was responsible for creating the photos.

Big props must go to the Unity Media art department (both are published in the UK by Unity Media) as they take my photos and work magic on them to bring out details I couldn't even see through the view finder. If you don't believe me, grab a copy of Banzai at a Barnes and Nobles or Borders and just marvel at the details captured in the G35 headlamp assemblies! Unbelievable!

Next month, Nissan Sport magazine will be running an R34 Skyline story of mine on their cover, and Mustang Enthusiast magazine will serve up APR's wide-body, turbocharged S197 Mustang! This year started slow but perhaps it will end with a BANG!

Oh, and my third child is due in January! If my wife follows the trend set by the first two kids, this one will arrive by Christmas! No better gift in the world, really...

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