Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Islamic Conundrum

Here's how I see this issue; Islamic Supremists would like nothing better than to stage a massive new attack against the United States. We are, after all, in the words of the Iranians and others, "the Great Satan". However, the United States buys oil. Lots of oil. From the Saudis, from Egypt, from other Middle Eastern countries steeped in Islamic culture. So even though the radicals would love nothing better than to kill us all, wiser heads in government know this wouldn't be a great idea.

Splinter groups like Al-Queda and the Taliban are not beholden to any government. They practice hardcore Sharia Law. Therefore, their actions are NOT restrained and represent the greatest threat possible against our country. They are funded through donations from radicalized mosques around the world, or by sheer terror and confiscation of local property and possessions. They actively supress every form of freedom we cherish. They hate us for our love of freedom. No matter what we do, no matter what Obama says, nor how many leaders he bows to, these groups will not stop hating us. Period.

Best Buy has chosen to wish everyone a "Happy Eid Al-Adha" on their Black Friday ad, yet they won't use the word "Christmas". They're instead referring to this as the "Holiday season". You know what? I don't need anything from Besty Buy as badly as they need to sell stuff. The Eid al-Adha is the celebration of sacrifice, as in they go out and sacrifice goats, not as in Lent traditions.

The day Muslims go out of their way to wish us a Merry Christmas is the day I'll shop at Best Buy again! I see no need to wish a "Happy Anything" to people who declare that I should submit to their religion or die.

Obviously Best Buy can't see that connection.

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