Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do Democrats "Get It"?

I don't think that they do. Several members of the House and the Senate have gone on record last night and this morning, after Scott Brown's historic victory, and have said that they need to "rethink the health care bill". That's not what I heard voters saying in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts. That's not what the tea party rally in Washington DC, in front of the Capitol building said when we filled the streets and the Memorial grounds with bodies holding signs. We didn't say "go back to the drawing board". We said "NO"!

Perhaps it's something in the liberal mindset which prevents them from connecting with the people they seek to rule? It's the old "we're better educated, better funded, and more experienced, so we'll tell you what to do" approach. And guess what? It's just been rejected thrice.

I'm sure a wiser man than I could draw a lengthy parable about Jesus and Peter's thrice-heard denial, and the the rejection of the policies of Barack Obama by the independents, and some conservative Blue-Dog Democrats. I won't.

I don't simply want Barack Obama to fail. I want him to go away, and take his Socialism with him. I think the people of Massachusetts feel the same way. I'm beginning to suspect that the Dems in both Houses of Congress might soon share this view too.

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