Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The BIG NEWS for CES 2011!

So far the biggest news, for me, is that there's simply no big news at all from Canon or Nikon. Nada. Zero. Zip. No planned new product announcements for Nikon. Do they simply not care, or are they planning something whoppingly fantastic that we'll all (Nikon users) want to rush out and buy as soon as we here about it?

I'm sensing a lull in the action from the majors, and the longer this dry spell continues, the more antsy I, and other pro photographers, are growing. Do we replace used cameras with the same model again, and then curse when some new piece just pops out of thin air later in the year? Some people shoot FAR more photos than I do, and they really burn through shutters. For them, buying a new camera isn't an issue. For me, when I make just one camera purchase every three years or so, selecting the right camera is a REALLY BIG DEAL. Because of this, and the lack of news from Nikon, I've been carefully considering a few Canon bodies. That means new glass (I don't use many lenses) and new accessories too, and a whole lot of expense. Which is why I always look around tax time...

Could someone please point out to the majors that I'm not the only one looking to spend tax return money on camera gear? Perhaps a little better timing of your new cameras would help separate me from my funds...

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