Monday, October 3, 2011

Sony A77? No, no no!

Ah Sony... so many tricks, so little use for them. 12 FPS, but you can only shoot wide open because the camera can't control the f-stop fast enough? Really? Buffer only holds 13 shots? So, truthfully, the 12 FPS burst speed is useless. One second of shooting at 12 FPS, which may result in over-exposed shots because the aperture can only be wide open?

Now, shooting at 8 FPS is very fast, but again, if it can only do 13 shots in a row before the buffer is full then it may be of very little use out in the real world. This spec can be matched by any old used Nikon D300 or D700 with a battery grip, or by the Canon 7D straight out of the box.

Hard to see what Sony's thinking with this one. At least the A900/A850 twins were sheer photographic tools with zero frills. This one seems to be more "because we're Sony and we can" fluff than it should be.

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