Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The D7100 Arriveth! My short review...

And the Lord looked out over his creation and said, "What has Nikon never built?". The answer came back from the People; "A super-high resolution DX body." So the Lord touched the sensor engineers and the executives and the marketing people and said "Let it be so." And it was. And all was good, briefly. Then he People said, "But Lord, why are the outer AF points back-focusing?" And the good Lord replied, "Focusing system is off? Even I can't help Nikon with that." So, the moral of this story is that the D7100 is, at this point, a terrific high-res body with some cool new features... and only 9 AF points in the center you can trust with your work or hobby photos. I'm sure they'll be able to fix this with a proper calibration, but we're just a few days into the launch, so a properly calibrated set of AF setting for repair centers is going to be a month or so down the road. Meanwhile, get out there and use those center points, folks! Focus then recompose, just like our D600 brethren! I'll be back with more later as I investigate the camera over the next few days but for the moment, rest assured that image quality is of no concern at all. It's excellent!

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