Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nikon Case-in-Point: New D3300

Well, Nikon's latest announcement at the CES show just confirms the point I made the other day. They have no interest in producing "pro-sumer" bodies, or even doing much in the way of new Pro-DX bodies at all. The D3300 has all of the same features of the D7100, at a lower price. Simpler menu and controls, and much simpler AF system, with an 18-55mm VRII lens for $650. Why would most people buy the D7100 any longer? They're just aiming for bragging points at the Best Buy sales counter, that's all. Filling an already-saturated market with more consumer fluff at the cheapest price possible is not a winning strategy. Still no replacement for the D300… No up-armored, faster D7100 yet… But, you CAN glimpse the new D4S at the CES show, and its $6500 price tag.

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