Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Camera Gripes, V 2.0

Newbies shoot in bright sunlight, and overexpose everything. Pros want to shoot in as low a light level as they can possibly get, and want to underexpose to create "mood". Newbies outnumber professionals by at least 10:1, if not more. As a result, we get the Sony a550; a camera which answers none of the questions that professionals ask while solving problems newbies never knew they even had.

Sony, where's the A700 replacement and will it have the full-frame sensor you make for the D700, and a handy pop-up flash so it can control the wireless flash system?

On the other end of Sony's schizophrenic lineup is the A850/A900 cameras. So close in specs that they might as well be the very same camera, yet one sells for $1900 and the other for $2699. Neither one will control the wireless flash system. Just a hint guys, Minolta built film cameras for at least two DECADES with full-size viewfinders which could control the wireless flash system!

So, please build a full-frame 12.4 MP camera with pop-up wireless flash control! Soon!

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