Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life's little irritations!

Politics: Get off GW Bush's back, everyone. He had a Dem Congress since 2006 (currently the lowest approval rating of any Congress ever!), and all of this country's fiscal problems can be traced directly to Democrat-enacted laws and policies. Democrats control the bankrupt states, and bankrupt cities and yet, somehow Obama got elected by promising "Change". He has totally failed to deliver "Change" from the crap which has gotten us into the hole we're in. He promised no new taxes, budget cuts, pay-as-you-go, pre-bill-signing "sunlight" periods, and has reneged on all of these promise so far. Obama fans, how long will you continue carrying the water for this embarrassment of a President?

Sony: Get off your conceited butts and deliver a full-frame replacement for the A700 already! Geez! The KM 7D was a brilliant camera which was released about two years too late to save Konica-Minolta. You are continuing that disastrous trend. The A750 needs to be released TODAY in order to compete with the Nikon D700 and whatever Canon makes in the cheap full-frame market. Oh wait, neither Canon nor Nikon make a "cheap" full frame camera anymore, unless the Nikon F6 can be counted.

On focusing: Why is it so difficult to have a camera which focuses properly 100% of the time. With tiny viewfinders and no cross-prism focusing aids, it's impossible to hand-focus a DSLR. AF systems need to recognize this fact and step up the game!

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