Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dead D300

Well, I didn't quite make it to the end of 2012 with a fully-functioning D300, so the Mayans were partially correct. The AF system in my beleagured D300 decided that shooting on the right spot 50% of the time was okay, so that's what it started doing. That was the final straw for me. I ordered a reconditioned D7000 from Adorama since there's STILL NO D400 BODY AVAILABLE! Jeez, Nikon. What's it take to get an updated pro-level D400 out of you? I must admit though, aside from overall speed, and the number of AF points, the D7000 is in most categories an upgrade from the D300. I'm not married to this thing. To me, it's just a tool to take car photos. Just as long as it does that reasonably well, I'll continue to resist my urge to dump all of this gear and jump to Sony or Canon. Yes, I said "Sony". I looked briefly at the A77 at the CES show, and it is a monster camera. I'm not sure if I like the EVF because of some of the strange ways Sony chooses to use it. Like for previewing photos... I like using the big screen on the back of the camera and it is disconcerting to have them keep popping up in the viewfinder. Sony's programmers should create an "OVF mode", which simulates the always-on look of an optical pentaprism. No complaints with the sharpness their 16-50mm f2.8 lens can generate, nor with what I saw from the 24mp sensor. I did not get to play with the A99 so I cannot render an opinion on it. Looks nice on paper though! Back to work for 2013 and looking to buy another Nikon wireless Speedlight and a 20mm super-wide prime lens. Although the Promaster 17-50mm f2.8 (Tamron) I picked up at the end of 2012 isn't bad, it doesn't have the superlative quality of a true prime. Plus, it's only really sharp at the wide end. Going past 24mm causes bad things to happen. Bad things, man. Sigma has a nice looking 20mm f1.8 prime so I'll probably check that out. I might be able to find one for $500 if I shop carefully. I'll find something though. I always do!

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