Monday, February 4, 2013

D7000 is no D300

I came, I saw, I didn't like it. Why is it so difficult for Nikon to realize we'd like an 18mp non-anti-aliased sensor in a D300S body? Why, why, for the love of Pete, why, Nikon? You work so hard for years to create a "pinnacle DX system", then throw it all away by refusing to release a D400. Why? Is it because the camera with the specs I've listed above would be too close to the very expensive D4 in resolution and performance at a much lower price point? Whatever the reason, I feel jilted. I don't want a mirrorless Nikon compact. I don't want the price and slow FPS of the D800. I want a speedy pro DX body. This year. Is anyone at Nikon listening?

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